About Winled

Shines Like No Other

Winled, a distributor of enhanced LED decorative lights, such light bulbs, fluorescent lights, decorative ceiling lights, LED Street and security lightings from the trusted lighting company in Korea with a decade of service in the industry, Suyeun lighting Co. Ltd.

Winled’s goal is to give superior lighting experience that guarantees value to our customers, thus eco- friendly and economically helpful for led lights are made extremely energy efficient, it only consumes 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs and replacement cost is slighter due to LED light extensive lifespan.

Our Led light fixtures has low voltage and doesn’t require usage of reflectors, lights brighten up promptly, ideal for both high and low temperature. Decorative led lights with low infrared light, a well-designed illumination, high-quality and durable decorative led lights.


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